Emanuel Haldeman-Julius : Pocket Series and the Little Blue Books

Resources for Collectors:
Classifying the Various Pocket Series and Little Blue Book Wrappers

By Jason Ramsay-Brown

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Continuing Evaluation

Additional validation of this classification system is an ongoing pursuit. With the publication of our Gallery of Haldeman-Julius Pocket Series and Little Blue Book Wrappers, our efforts have transitioned from cultivating the elemental composition and classification criteria of the system itself to development of the galleries and graduation of Candidate Design Styles to Named Design Styles. To this end, new Candidate Design Styles are likely to continually emerge as we continue to process and evaluate the physical and digital wrapper specimens in our possession.

None of this is to say that we see our inventory of Named Design Styles, or our classification system, as static and unchangable. Work done to date has already surfaced several questions that may well impact both:

In the event our validation efforts provoke us to fundamentally alter existing Classification Criteria, we will fully document such changes, including descriptions of catalysts and rationale. This material will be posted and promoted on haldeman-julius.org, and circulated to any individuals who have expressed an interest in contributing to this process. Thus, we encourage interested parties to check back here often.

Most importantly, we are actively soliciting feedback from our community. All opinions, criticism, comments or encouragements are important to us, so please do not hesitate to participate by contacting us!

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