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Historical Notes: Haldeman-Julius Family Tree

A interesting tale of influences and affections is told through the genealogy of Marcet & Emanuel Haldeman-Julius, the epicenter of which is their son Henry. Rather than try and weave such a story in narrative, we felt the details would be more valuably presented in the form of traditional genealogical data. At all times we have attempted to abide by the conventions of the Genealogical Proof Standard, and do hope the result will be not only of interest to Haldeman-Julius collectors, but also of value to genealogists.

When reviewing the charts & reports below, it is important to note that all individuals are formally referenced by birth name but may also be mentioned by more popular names when discussed in biographic notes. Thus Emanuel Haldeman-Julius will often appear as simply Emanuel Julius, Marcet Haldeman-Julius as Anna Marcet Haldeman, their son Henry J. Haldeman as Henry Haldeman-Julius, and their foster daughter Josephine Haldeman-Julius as Josephine Wettstein. This issue becomes somewhat more complex as you move from generation to generation. The Julius surname, for example, was adopted by Emanuel's parents when they arrived in America; in Russia the family name was Zolajefsky. As another example, Henry Haldeman-Julius' daughter was born with the surname Haldeman as her father had stopped using his own hyphenated last name some time prior. Thus in four generations we are confronted by four different surnames within a single family line!

There is another prepatory detail worth nothing so as to minimize potential confusion. Anna Hostetter, the grandmother of Marcet Haldeman-Julius, was married first to William Haldeman and then to John H. Addams. John Addams himself had also been previously married to Sarah Weber. While John Addams and Anna Hostetter had no children, Anna's son Henry Winfield Haldeman would marry John Addams' daughter Sarah Alice Addams in 1875. Thus, Anna Hostetter was both Sarah Alice Addams step-mother and mother-in-law. By extension Henry & Sarah's daughter, Anna Marcet Haldeman, had a grandmother who was also her step-grandmother. In certain tree views these relationships can seem a cause for concern, but as there is no biological connection between any of the married parties this is merely a phantasm of perspective.

As with all genealogical endeavors, this is a work in progress and will be updated whenever new information is discovered or current assertions refuted. All reports and source files last updated October 18, 2009.

Haldeman-Julius Genealogical Charts & Reports

Descendants of Nathan Zolajefsky

Genealogical Register Report in PDF format which includes Emanuel Haldeman-Julius and Henry J. Haldeman

Descendants of John H. Addams & Sarah Weber

Genealogical Register Report in PDF format which includes Jane Addams, Marcet Haldeman-Julius and Henry J. Haldeman

Descendants of William Haldeman & Anna Hostetter

Genealogical Register Report in PDF format which includes Marcet Haldeman-Julius and Henry J. Haldeman

Genealogical Source Files

Family Tree Maker format

Source file created using Family Tree Maker 2006. Last updated October 18, 2009.

GEDCOM format

Exported version of source file in GEDCOM 5.5 format using ANSI character encoding. Last updated October 18, 2009.